Misc. Works

These are works that don't have a particular category so they go here!! Would they get there own pages someday? I dunno but we shall see!!

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Pop Healer

Type: Web Novel

Upload Date: Nov 10, 2016 (Original DA Upload)

Synopsis: Piami Yuly is a 19 year old pop idol. She wants to help anyone out. One night, she has gained the ability to heal people with her singing

Link: PH Link

Jades and Roses

Type: Audio Drama

Upload Date: Oct 10th, 2021

Synopsis: Moemi is a girl with a lot of self-confidence issues until she meets up with someone she later becomes close to.. Fellenor.

Link: JnR Link

Tedious Highway Unit

Type: Ren'Py Viusal Novel

Upload Date: Dec 31st, 2021

Synopsis: You (the player character) are hanging around four peculiar friends. Things were relatively normal… mostly. Aside from one guy pretending to be Santa Claus trying to get revenge on you, everything is normal.

Link: THU Link

The Three Doors

Type: Ren'Py Viusal Novel

Upload Date: Mar 27, 2022

Synopsis: You have appeared in a cosmic field and you are given task to check out one of the doors, with Celia being your traveling partner.

Your journey depends on which door you open.

Link: TTD Link

A Cookie Tale

Type: RPG Maker Game

Upload Date: Sept 25, 2022

Synopsis: It's a comedic tale of a group of weirds: a humanized Oreo, a sentient plushie, a robot that was originally a toy, and a slime with anime hair going on an adventure! What type of adventure? .....Man, you tell me.

Link: ACT Link