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Soooo, if you are wondering, this is an archive of a web novel I wrote back in 2016. I wrote this during a time I was a lil' burnt up about a forum roleplay (Specifucally for the main character of this story, Piami, as out of every character that was stuck in that specific RP, she was the only innocent one.). My writing skills weren't (and still ain't) the best; this is why I'm more of visual story teller. Reason for it being achrive here is because it's initial home was deviantART and while I might use that DA gallery downloader that a friend of mine recommended, I have thought about archiving this specific story traditionally first (That and I forgotten until I was told that said software is able to download text files as well.). Plus, I need to have a link for this story for both here on this site and my Cavalcade of Ideas document

Pop Healer Chapter 1: It's only the Beginning

In this world, there are many possibilities. Some good, Some bad, others with many areas of grey. In any case, there's always one person that just wanted peace. And there's always the question...."Is it too much to ask?"


March 20th, 201X, in Bramsdale Villa......

"Thank you so much! I'll be sure to sing my heart out!"

Piami walked out of the supermarket place, where she was able to sign up for the Pop Idol competition. She looked as saw that her childhood friend, Meiyami has also, signed up for the competition. Meiyami walked towards Piami, smiling.

"Hey Piami! Are you looking forward to singing to the audience?" Meiyami asked, cheerfully.

"Yes I am!" Piami chimed "It will be great! Could you imagine how many people we'll be singing to?"

"Oh heck yes!" Meiyami exclaimed with excitement "Just remember though...both of us are on our own..."

"Oh?" Piami tilt her head to the right "So does that mean we might be rivals in a way?"

"Pretty much. But hey! We'll still be friends regardless!" Meiyami reassured, before walking off, anyways, I got some home stuff to deal with, and I wanna get it done before the competition so I'll see you around, Piami!!"

"Bye bye!" Piami waves to her friend "I'll see you then, Meiyami!"

And with that, Piami walked the opposite direction her friend soon to be rival is heading. Piami has felt very cheery as she's been walking. She sees a purple haired woman walking out of the another store, looking like she's tired. It's Piami's friend, Maicy Maincoar.

"Oh, Hey Maicy!" Piami waved to her purple haired friend. Maicy turned to the direction Piami is at.

"Oh, Hey Pip'!" Maicy waved to Piami, as she walked over to her "You seemed pretty cheery today."

"That's because I entered the Pop Idol competition!"

"Nice! I'll be sure to bring my friends and loved ones, if they wanna come and see"

"Eheheh! Anyways, how are you, Maicy?"

"Eh, I'm tired as hell but I'm good at the moment. heheh" Maicy chuckled "Oh man, something dumb happened today, though."

"Oh really?" Paimi tilted her head to the left. "What happened?"

"Oh my- Hahaha! Right, so this is what went down!"

In summary of what happened, Maicy dealt with her friends, Celesthy and Junkyo arguing, again, and an elderly woman asked of what the two would do for a klondike bar, which resulted in everyone in the store answering the question, with some..interesting answers.


Both Maicy and Piami walked into their apartment building, hosted by the landlady, Hermia. Maicy lives in the upper floor while Piami lives in the ground floor. Maicy began walking upstairs.

"Anyways, I have to rest up for a bit. I'll still be up so if ya need me, call up!" Maicy explained "Anyways, see ya tomorrow, Pip'!"

"Bye bye! See you tomorrow, Maicy!" Piami waves to Maicy as she walked into her apartment.

As expected, Piami's apartment has some pastel colors to fit her ideal aesthetic. She walked over to the kitchen, brought in some dry raman noodles from the cabonete, as tonight she feels simplicity is best. She would've prepared a less cheap meal but she has a lot to eat. Once she finished cooking her dinner and ate it, watch a bit of fun family sitcoms. Things seemed pretty normal at that moment.

Until the lights went out...

"Oh dear!" Piami cried. She felt that maybe is a good idea to call the landlady about it. That is until a ball of light appears before her.

She began to feel worried but regardless, her curiosity got the better of her and went closer to the ball of light. The light grew until it appears as a glowing blue haired girl with blue and yellow clothing.

What will became of this?

To be continued.........

Pop Healer Chapter 2: Harmonizing

"Um....excuse me...?" Piami cosiously asked the blue haired girl.

The mysterious girl opened up her eyes, revealing to be blue. Her cheeks turn green as she began to smile.

"Hello howdy hey!!" The girl chimed, as she waved to Piami.


"....Eh?" Piami tilted her head in confusion.

"Oh shoot! I'm sorry! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mayaui Startdust! I am a star fairy angel!"

"Star Fairy Angel....?" Paimi reiterated, confusingly until it came to her "OH! I remember my mom talking about this when I was young!"

"Yeah, yeah! That's me!" Mayapui exclaimed cheerfully "It's lovely to meet you, Miss Piami Yuly~!"

"It's nice to meet you too Mayapui! Heheheh!" Piami giggled a bit before becoming more curious "But... why are you here?"

"Oh... I notice that there is a little wish you have there, Missy!" Mayapui said as a matter of factly

"....How do you know...?"

Piami felt like she may have underestimated the fact Star Fairy Angels are different from humans. Mayapui began to smile widely

"I'm a star fairy angel, silly! Although..." Mayapui placed her hand on her chin "I don't know what's your exact wish. I'm more of a Star Fairy Angel in training!"

"Oh really? That's cool!" Piami chimed "Um..... do you think me telling you my wish will help you out...?"

At the moment, wings grew on Mayapui's back. The little star fairy angel flew closer to Piami's distance.

"Right, right! That's the thing! So.... miss Piami Yuly, what is your wish for me?"

Piami thought about it for a moment. There has been one thing that has been on her mind.

"Well... my mother has been in the hospital for a while.... it has been a couple of rough months for her, given her boyfriend......" Piami stopped herself before adding more details "I just want to help her but.... I don't really know how..... I wish I can heal her anyway I can..."

"Oh!" Mayapui float up, as if she heard the words she needed to hear. "I think I'll help you that! Just sit still for this..."

Mayapui placed her hands next each and place them close to Piami's chest. At that moment, her hands began to glow and the light from them went through Piami. At that moment, Piami felt the warmth of the light. Not only that.....she also felt a bit of determination.. Once that's done, Mayapui's hands stopped glowing and the star fairy angel float up in the air.

"All done!!" Mayapui chimed

"What was....that warm feeling that filled me with determination....?" Piami ask, trying to take in what has happened.

"Oh, that's right. I gave you healing powers and you can heal people in a way that you are familiar with!"

"Healing powers?"

"Yes! I don't know what I did but I think you maybe figure it out.

Mayapui tries to fly through the wall but she just ended up hitting her face on the wall and fell to the floor. She felt a bit of pain

"Owwwwwwww! That hurt!" Mayapui cried.

"Ah! Are you okay?" Piami spoken as she was concerned for the star fairy angel.

Just then, Piami began to feel warmth from her chest, as well as feeling determined. She...began to sing out.

When there is space
Don't ever be afraid.
Even life gets you down,
Please don't give up."

As Piami sang, the minor injury Mayapui had went away and the pop idol realized what she did.

"Oh hey, it worked! Thanks!" Mayapui greeted

"O-Oh, you're welcome. I, uh..... didn't know I can do that now."

"Well you do! Anyways, I gotta go. I should've done this the other way. Catch you later!"

And with that, Mayapui began to glow into light and the light vanishes; the lights turned back on, with the television turning to a certain part of the sitcom playing.

"Well, at least no ones' hurt!"

"Not yet......"

Piami was not focused on the television, however. She has a lot to take in tonight.


Somewhere else, Meiyami got out of the shower and drid herself up so she can put on her pajama clothing. She went into her bedroom, and lie down on her bed. To her left, she sees a photo of her and Piami from when they were kids. She chuckled.

"Heheh, what fun times we had." Meiyami sat up and held on to the photo "And myabe we'll continue to have."

She grinned at the photo.


In the morning, Piami woken up from her sleep. She stretch for a bit to keep herself up, got breakfast and got herself prepared for the new day. All the while, still taking in what happened the previous night and pondering a lot of things.

"Should I tell Meiyami and Maicy about this....?"

In any case, Piami walked out of her apartment and notices Maicy is already outside.

"Oh! Hey Maicy!" Piami chimed

"Heeeey Pip'. How you doing?" Maicy greeted.

"I'm good! Thanks!"

"No problem, heheh." Maicy chuckled, as both her and Piami walked along further away from the apartment complex "By the way, there was some tiny electricity issues that happened in my apartment."

"Oh? What do you mean by that?" Piami asked.

"Like the lights flickered twice and in between those times, while I was brushing my teeth, the lights turned blue before it changed back to normal." Maicy explained. "Like, I kinda feel like something odd is gonna happen. Hopefully, it's the good kinda odd, you know what I'm sayin'?"

"Heheh, yeah." Piami responded.

In the back of her mind, she felt that thing with Mayapui might've had something to do with Maicy's strange electrical occurrences. Piami was about dealve deep into that thought until........

"Stop! Get your ass back here, you twerp!!" an angry man's voice shout out.

"Huh?" Piami muttered confusingly

"What the hell's going on over there?" Maicy questioned

Just, then, two people, one with blue hair and one with purple hair, both wearing blue clothing, were running from this guy, who seems to be chasing them. The blue hair person spotted Piami and Maicy.

"Ah! Backup!!" the blue haired person chimed. "Ayanami, go near these two ladies! I'll take care of the asshat!"

"But Rei! You'll get hurt!" said the purple haird girl.

"Don't worry, I got this!"

'Ayanami' nodded and ran towards the two 'Rei' pointed out and hid behind them. All the while, Rei began fighting the guy.

"Let's do this, fam!!"

Rei punches the guy but it seemed that he was not going down without a fight. The two punched other as they proceed to beat each other up. Piami and Maicy looked worried.

To be continued.........

Pop Healer Chapter 3: There's support! Right?

"Wa-Wait! What's going on?" Piami asked, while concerned.

"Rei, they..... insult that guy's taste in heavy metal he got mad....." Ayanami spoken meekly "We....got ourselves into this mess.

"Wait, for real??" Maicy asked, sounding a bit stern.


Before the two woman continue, Rei was punched in the gut and was down on the ground. They are hurt pretty badly


The guy that was beating them up smiled.

"That's what you get for being a little shit...." he growled as he was cracking his knuckles

"Okay, hold the fuck up. No...." Maicy marched her way over to the guy that beat Rei up.

"Maicy, wait!" Piami cried.

"Don't be a hero!"

The guy looked over to Maicy.

"Tch, what do you want, lady?" The guy spat at the woman

"Excuse me but even the this kid shouldn't insult your taste in music, you shouldn't have acted like they killed your dog or something.." Maicy spoken flatly

"Hey man, that guy was really some over top scream-o crap!" Rei blurted out "It was annoying I just had to-"

"HEY KID, SHUT UP!" The guy shout as he about hit Rei.

"Oh no!" both Piami and Ayanami cried out.

Suddenly, Maicy grabbed the guys hand by wrist, preventing him to hurt Rei, while also slightly cracking the wrist. The guy began to fear on what's happening

"Wha....What are you......?"

"Listen buddy, I ain't the type of person who would be okay with putting violence on people, even if they spout out an opinion of music different from yours." Maicy spoken in a stern tone of voice "Sorry but your attitude is shit."

The guy managed to escaped for Maicy grasp from her hand, but it was only out of fear. He stepped back and glared at Maicy and Rei.

"You done being a child?" Maicy asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Alright, alright, I'll leave." The guy began walking away from the two before muttering to himself. "Self righteous bitch....."

Maicy sighed for a moment.

"M-Maicy? Are you okay?" Piami asked, worried

"Yeah, I'm fine. That guy just pissed me off."

"Rei! Are you okay as well?" Ayanami cried.

Rei got up. They coughed a bit.

"Don't worry, I'm okay. Heheheheh." Rei chuckled. "Don't worry, I suffered through worse. I just need good ol' fashion iced tea and I'll be good."


Later on, Piami, Maicy, Rei, and Ayanami were sitting at the Candy Bar. Rei drank their iced tea and as they said, they felt better.

"Ahh, that hit the spot!" Rei chimed.

"That's good!" Piami cheerfully spoken "So why have you insulted that guy's taste in music?"

"Yeah, like, I'm not into heavy metal either. Let alone the scream-o music" Maicy commented before crossing her arms. "But it's kinda a dick move to insult the guy."

"Look man, I just have a bit of sensitive hearing." Rei replied "Though, yeah, I was an ass for insulting that guy, I'll admit to that." They shugged "I dunno, I'm more into pop, anyways"

Piami's eyes lit up

"Wait! Did you say pop music?" Piami asked.

"Uh.. yeah? Why do you ask?" Rei questioned.

Piami and Maicy looked at each other before looking back at Rei

"Well, ol' Pip is gonna be part of this Pop Idol competition coming up soon. So if you wanna come and listen to your favorite genre, there's that!" Maicy cheerfully announced

"For real! That's awesome!!" Rei cheered

"If you want, we can help 'ol' Pip' out" Ayanami said with a smile

"Thank you!" Piami chimed "But I do wanna sing my heart out. I'll do my best!"


After a while, the four went their separate ways. Rei and Ayanami went home. Maicy got a called from her childhood friend, Asutane, that Celesthy got her leg stuck in the toilet. Piami has been picking up items at the store. She's smiling that she is getting support from her friends.

"Ah yes, thank you." said an older woman's voice.

Piami looked to her left. She sees a silvered hair woman picking up make up. Piami recognize who that woman is. Delevia Thana...


Delevia looked to her side and notices Piami was there. She smiles in a very unsettling manner.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Piami Yuly.." Delevia cooed "How's it been?"

Piami stepped back a bit, feeling nervous.

"Um.. I am fine, th-thanks.." Piami spoken, meekly.

"Oh that's greeeeeeeeeeaaat! I'm so happy for you!" Delevia cheered "Although, I have this to say abou you....."

Delevia leaned in a bit towards Piami and smile sadistically.

"If you keep up singing the same sugary crap in this competition, you'll have a higher chance of losing..."

"Meep!" Piami stepped back a bit more

Delevia started laughing, finding that to be childish.

"Oh my goodness, aren't you pathetic!" Delevia laughed before looking back down. "Your childish tendencies will bring you to your early grave...."

Delevia grabbed her make up.

"Anyways, I don't have time right now. I'll see you at the competition. Tootles!"

With that, Delevia left where Piami is at. The little pop idol looked down. She knows how much Delevia hates her and her friend Meiyami.

"Remember that Maicy and the others are on your side, Piami!" she thought to herself

To be continued.........

Pop Healer Chapter 4: It's okay.

As she finished paying for her items needed, Piami walked out of the store. She sighed a bit, having an unnerving feeling from Delevia and what she said to her.

"Pssst! Piami!" a voice whispered.

At that moment, reality stopped. No one but Piami was moving. She began to feel worried until a light that forms into Mayapui appears before her.

"Oh! Mayapui!" Piami noted "What are you doing here?"

"I just came here to tell you that, don't let Gnorga get to you! She's not out of her teenage edge days!" Mayapui encouraged "Stay strong!"

"Oh.. Thanks" Piami smiled

She began to feel a little bit better before beginning to feel confused.

"Wait! How do you know Delevia?"

Mayapui pause for a moment. She stayed silent


"Oh shoot! I have some....things! to deal with. I'll see ya later, alligator!!!"

Mayapui disappeared and reality began to move again. Piami tilted her head in confusion.

"Heeeey!! Piami!!!"

Piami looked back and she sees her friend, Meiyami, walking up to her.

"Oh! Meiyami!" Piami waves to her friend "How you been doing?"

"I'm fine!" Meiyami chimed before looking down with her smiling fading a bit. "Well, mostly. But I'm fine now!"

"Oh? Is everything okay?" Piami asked

"Hmm.. Delevia is going around threatening other pop idols in the competition. She got to me an hour ago." Meiyami then sighed before looking back at Piami, feeling confident "But hey! Her words mean absolutely nothing."

"Well.... she got to me a few minutes ago...." Piami meekly spoken, looking down.

"Piami, Delevia is just petty and looks for the weakest hearts to drag down." Meiyami said, a little bit sternly "Don't let her bring you down."

Both Meiyami and Mayapui's words began to go through Piami. She shouldn't let one rude pop idol weaken her. Piami has to be strong. Even if she doesn't win, she's at least able to sing her heart out...for her mother to heal.

"You're right." Piami looked back at Meiyami, smiling "Thanks Meiyami!"

"No problem!" Meiyami mused "Even though we're rivals, we gotta help each other emotionally!"


Later on that day, after having a good chat with Meiyami, Piami got a call from her aunt, Keiko. She was told that her mother is slowly but surely getting better. However, it's going to take a year to recover but it is a start. As Piami walked home, she notices Rei and Ayanami are near the apparment. Rei looks like she's in pain and was having trouble standing up..

"Ugh... damnit. I thought that iced tea would've worked....." Rei groaned, soundling like she's in pain.

"Rei, I think you might've underestimated that iced tea..." Ayanami reckoned meekly "You might need help from mom and dad.."

"Mom, I can get behind but Dad can go fu-!" Rei snapped before feeling more pain. "Augh!!"


"Look, Ayanami, I'm sorry but you need to remember that Dad and I aren't one good terms...."

Piami frowned at the situation. She wanted to help them out. At that moment, Piami felt warmth from her chest, as well as feeling determined. She sing once more

"We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we've both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together"

At that moment, the pain that Rei was feeling was gone. Both them and Ayanami looked back see Piami.

"Oh! You're that girl from earlier!" Rei commented "Were you the one singing? I just suddenly feel better from that!"

"Y-Yes, that was me." Piami answered, as she began smiling.

Ayanami walked over to Piami

"Thank you! Thank you so much for helping Rei!" Ayanami thanked

"Heheheh, it's no trouble at all!" Piami chimed

Rei stood up from the ground

"Well, that gives me more reason to root for you in the pop idol competition!" Rei exclaimed cheerfully. "We'll see you then."

Rei walked over, passed Piami.

"C'mon, Ayanami, let's go to WcDonalds!"


Ayanami walked over to Rei and both of them walked off. Piami looked at the two, smiling

It feels that no matter how tough it will be. In the end...

It's okay....

To be continued.........

Pop Healer Chapter 5: Time for a breather!

As Piami walked into her apartment, her phone vibrated. She checked her pocket in and look to see who texted her. It's from Maicy. The text reads:

"Heeeey Pip'. I just wanna warn you right now. Junkyo and Celesthy are at my apartment at the moment, along with a few other people, and the two are both being really petty towards each other. So, if you hear loud music that sounds like it's from the 90's, you'll know why. ^^:"

"Oh gee" Piami spoken with a bit of a nervous smile. "I guess I should prepare dinner early, hehehe."

At with that, Piami warm up some bread with cheese in the oven, and prepare herself a sandwich to eat. Once she ate her dinner, Piami went into her barthroom and took a shower. After that Piami changed into her pajamas and went to her bed. All the while, she is thinking to herself

"Even if I won't win, I'll sing my heart out and....maybe heal mom with the power I got at least....."

Piami closed her eyes, drifting to sleep with that thought in mind.


Meanwhile, Meiyami is walking out of a restaurant, feeling refreshed after eating the meal she had.

"Oh boy, that was more filling than I expected"

Just then, her phone started to ring. She looked down with a confused look on her face.

"I wonder who could be calling around this time." Meiyami commented before picking up the phone "Hello?...... Oh hey! You got the information on who the judges will be this time of year?...... Ohhhh reeaaally?........ Oh that's cool! Hopefully it will still be fair game though, given circumstances..... Oh!! They will be annouced tomorrow!! Cool beans! Hey, I'll talk to you when I get home! I'm at public. Byyyyyeeee!!!"

As Meiyami hung up the phone, she notices that she has been getting weird looks from those around her. Meiyami laughs nervously.

"Juuuuust ignore me fellow citizens! I'm just.... being a goober!"

Meiyami quickly left the area, feeling a little bit embarrassed. As she walked fast, she heard a bit of music from a far distance. She became curious on where it's coming from. She walked towards the direction of it until she sees it's coming from Piami's apartment complex.

"Oh! This is where Piami lives" Meiyami commented. "I should check to see which one is the loudest. If it isn't Piami, she might be sleeping right now."

And so, Meiyami walked close to the building, checking every apartment until she found one that is the loudest.

"A-ha! There you are!"

Meiyami knocked on the door.

"Oh shit! I knew we're gonna get a noise complaint!" cried a woman's voice "Hold on, I'll try to handle this!"

Meiyami looked confused as she sees somebody is opening the door. That somebody is Maicy.

"Shit! Is this about the loud music from my two petty friends? I am so sor-" Maicy was about to apologize until she sees Meiyami, not recognizing her "Oh hello. I don't think I see you here before."

Maicy walked out the apartment and closed the door behind her.

"Oh! Yeah, I recognized that Piami lives here" Meiyami responded "My name is Meiyami Pearlé, by the way."

"'Meiyami'..... Oh! Yeah, Piami talks to me about you good amount of times" Maicy explain, offered her a handshake. "Also, the name's Maicy Maincoar."

"'Maicy'.....Oh yeah! Piami told me about a couple times" Meiyami chimed before shaking Maicy's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you!!!"

"It's nice to meet ya, too. Heheheheheh" Maicy chuckled "So, what brings you here, Miss Pearlé?"

"Oh! I was curious to come over here because I was heaing the loud music!" Meiyami explained "It was distant before I got here."

"Of course...." Maicy muttered. "I'm really fucking sorry! My friends that Piami is not too familiar with, Celesthy and Junkyo, are petty as all hell right now."

At that moment, the music began to lower down, fading out. Maicy sighed of relief hearing that happened.

"Thank goodness that hell hole seems over." Maicy uttered "Again, really sorry."

"Oh, no no no! Don't apologize!" Meiyami waved her hands "It's not really your fault."

"Well, if my friends ain't apologizing at the moment, somebody has to." Maicy commented "Anyways, it was nice chatting with you but I'm gonna have to warn my friends. Nice talking with you, Meiyami!"

With that, Maicy opened the door and went back into her appartment. Meiyami shrugged and walked downstairs.

"Nice Lady..... she has a valgur vocabulary, though, heheheh." Meiyami chuckled "Good thing Piami didn't pick up that."

As she reach the downstairs grounds, she stopped in front of Piami's apartment.

"I could check on her-"

Before Meiyami was able to finish, she is receiving a phone call. She picks up the phone.

"Hello?..... Oh shoot, that's right! I'll be down there soon. See you then!"

Meiyami hung up and ran as fast as she could from the apartment complex. It seems she had some business taking care of.


In the next morning, Piami woken up from her sleep, seemingly not bothered by last night's loud music events. Piami turned on her T.V. in her room. It seems there is a news announcement related to the pop idol competition.

"Hiiidy-ho! Everyone, this is Hiro Skylight! I got new for you! We have three judges for the pop idol competition! The judges are Monaiya Hokania, Arshrin Odana, and Mariona Helinia! From youngest to oldest! This will be fun!"

Three judges huh? This is going to be interesting!

To be continued.........