Web Series

Rather you call them "Web Series" "Web Cartoons", "Fanime", "Artistic Hybrids", they are part of the Gissy Works!!

(Note: All of these series are done in in mostly in a Visual Novel Style Format)

Carrot Fluffs (OG Version)

Started: May 30, 2014

Ended: Mar 9, 2015 (This iteration likely is not going to continue)

Synopsis: Carrot fluffs is centered around a girl named Mokoko and her friends, Soepekia and Visiarko, dealing with situations from silly to downright serious.

Link: OG CF Link

Penalty All About/Penalty X


Started: Aug 23, 2014

Ended: Nov 20, 2016


Started: Jun 11, 2017

Ended: Jan 21, 2022

Synopsis: (Plot for PAA only since PX's plot spoils the ending for PAA)

The story begins with a king and queen, Odesion and Pantriece, who were kicked out by their castle because Odesion uses his son, Samminar’s,money for not-so-good hair products. They will go back to their castle with the help of their daughter, Moxanne, and a good amount of other people. Odesion will give Samminar a piece of his mind. Bickering and hilarity ensues.

Link to PAA: PAA Link

Link to PX: PX Link

Sour Candy Filled Donuts

Started: Oct 4, 2015

Ended: Dec 27, 2015

Synopsis: A story about Denyska, Adako, and Amopy getting through life, but bad luck just rains on their life!

Link: SCFD Link

Maroku's Adventures

Started: Dec 2, 2016

Ended: Oct 24, 2021

Synopsis: This story is about Maroku and his fairy companion, Gevita, going on an adventure! There are some mysteries to unravel about Maroku himself.

Link: MA Link

The Mugi Baloogie Saga

Started: May 21, 2018

Ended: Apr 17, 2022

Synopsis: A story about Mugi Baloogie doing stuff and dying multiple times, but she lives on. (This is a shitpost series, don't worry about it.)

Link: MB Link

Nemomia the Chaotic Hero

Started: Nov 26, 2018

Ended: Mar 8, 2019

Synopsis: A story about Nemomia and Aoshi’s everyday life. One is chaotic good while the other is lawful good. They meet some interesting individuals along the way.

Link: NtCH Link

Seven Guidances to Wishful Safety

Started: Jun 1, 2019

Ended: Oct 7, 2019

Synopsis: Long ago, there was one place in the universe that held the key to one’s inner peace. Someone outside of that realm can obtain it once they give themselves some time to relax. This key… was guidance. This being was formed to help those in need. However, there was a giant sword that crashed into the place where they rest in. Due to the disaster the giant sword caused, it seemed like the guidance ceased to exist…

But not all hope was lost.

It split into seven pieces and scattered around the main area. Five heroes have been called to help. Regardless of what motivation they had, they were determined…

To obtain the Seven Guidances to Wishful Safety.

Link: SGtWS Link

Moon Mansion Solitary

Started: Jul 26, 2023

Ended: Aug 18, 2023

Synopsis: A Mushroomfolk Maid, Vivimi, and a Flowerfolk Butler, Senforion are stuck in a mansion that takes place on one of the many moons in the multiverse. The two connect during this time.

Link: MMS Link