Possible Questions

This will be a place for possible questions that I was not asked about


What are you, mainly? I cannot really tell if you are an animator or writer or...?

That... is a fair question to make! I guess I'm fairly a jack of all trades in a way?

That said, I do feel I am more of a character designer and a writer than an animator or even a comic artist.
That said, I'd always love to make my own web series that has voice acting so after getting inspired from some videos that are playthroughs of visual novels and one fanime that that was claimed to be in a "RPG Style", I made my visual novel style web series.

Oh yeah. That reminds me: I know you usually call your series either "web series" or "fanime". What are they exactly?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Okay so, there was one point that I referred to my web series as "Fanime". While I'll still refer to them as such in a couple of circle (especially within the Fanime Community. Or er.... whatever is left of it.), I only refer the them as web series as just that..."Web Series". It was back when I was (at the time) inpatient when it comes to coding in Ren'Py.

If I want to be that particular I can go with "Visual Novel Style Web Cartoon" but I know some folks will be annoyed with that so I just stop myself from making that rabbit hole.

What program do you use to make a lot of stuff?

That is a good question given how much mediums I do. (And more I am planning to make.) So, let's cut this all down, shall we?


I use FireAlpaca to Sketch and for finished backgrounds. Aside from that, I also use Clip Studio Paint Pro to lineart and color, as I do enjoy using the vector later in CSP.

Writing (Old Web Novels and Scripts for Projects)

Oh geez, there's a lot going into this, is there?.. Alright! So.

I use to use programs like Microsoft Word, since it was available for Windows users during the XP Era... then in the Win7 era, it's no longer available (As in, it was no longer free.) so I had to resort to using OpenOffice.

Then, (thankfully), Google Docs became a thing so I can put whatever the the hell I write down onto there.

Aside from that, I've mainly used Notepad since that is easier for me to manage. I just needed Google docs for grammar and spelling mistakes.


Oh look at that, a rare case.

But yeah, for the longest while, I mainly used FireAlpaca for Animation, even when I tried to use other animation software. Of course, I've starting using RoughAnimator for Sketch Animations and later on, Clip Studio Paint Pro for Lineart said sketches.

All three of these software (in my humble opinion), are valid ways to make animations.

And those were just for frame-by-frame animation. When it comes to puppeting, I use HitFilm Express

Video Editing

Here's another set of history.

For the longest while, I've used Windows (Live) Movie Maker because it was a first piece of video software I used, even during my short lived crappy netbook era. I've tried to use some software like VSDC Free Video Editor but uhhh.... that one sucked. So, I mainly stuck with Movie Maker.

That said, I had the slow transition of using HitFilm Express which has work absolute wonders for me!

So, what happened to the sidebar of this page? Or even the Character Bios and Gissy-Log for that matter??

Yeah so, for whatever bloody reason, it kinda just.... didn't work??

Like it ends up being at the bottom of the page??????

So, I kinda had to get rid of it here.

It kinda blows that I had to resort to doing that since I did like the look of the sidebar having links

But hey, I have to work with what I got