Magical Girl School

Magical Girl School

Created by: Sch Ribbit

Started: Apr 16, 2014

Finished: Feb 20, 2017

Medium: Animated Series

Synopsis: Six students receive a letter that says they were recruited to be magical girls! Watch these students learn to use their powers and fight evil.

One thing to note: Yeah, so I recently noticed that this series is unlisted. Like, yeah, the playlist is still on the channel but when looking in the videos tab, they ain't there. So, I'm just gonna say this: I'm pretty sure that Sch Ribbit wants to move on from MGS so please don't try to ask him about it. They are more proud of their current animations (especially for the DnD Podcast he is a part of). I personally reccomended because I have nostalgia with it and re-watching did help me go through a rough period back latter half in December of 2021. If you like MGS and want to see more from Sch Ribbit, check out their later works!

Link: Watch Here!