This is f2u (free to use) template for some friends and their OCs. I am making this after a recent sitation with the admin of ToyHouse being absolutely dumb when it comes to CBCs (Character Based Characters). That and I know some friends are stepping away from TH (either due to personal reasons or just disinterest in that site)

And hey! If you are not exactly happy with the color choices I made for the CSS (for possibly understandable reasons), you can just change them by editing via Notepad++ or Brackets under the "<style></style>" area of the HMTL file! (I made these choices because I like making a colorful format)

[Insert your world name here]

(This one is optional. This is for one of the lore masters I tend to come across, lol)

Skrunkle Gang

Yep, I'm using these fuckos as examples again, let's goooo, LMAO.