Name: Gisselle (Redacted Last Name for now)

Born in: June 18, 1995

Gender, Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Orientation: Asexual Panromantic

Hello, I am GissyEva (name being actually Gisselle). I do a lot of things for the course of a decade and over. I draw, animate (sometimes), write stories (though, they are more visual than anything), create music, make discussion videos, and even voice acting (though, not as professionally as proper VAs.)

I've had accounts on the internet since 2006, when I've used sites like the MarioWiki. (Don't worry, I was one of the good kids that actually waited until I turned 13 so I can get accounts on sites like YouTube. Wiki sites were basically my substitute, lol.)

Initially, I've started writing fanfiction of my favorite things. (Mainly Super Mario RPG, Azumanga Daioh, and Di Gi Charat). It was only until 2011. where I slowly wanted to focus more on original content, which stars my own characters.

I also stream on Twitch, though it's around the time my sister is not home, which feels like a very rare occasion (I have been thinking of streaming on YouTube again for the rarer occasions.) Nowadays for my streams, I am basically a PNGTuber (which is like a VTuber except, you have a moving PNG for whenever you talk.) and I do mostly art streams and AudioSurf streams. (Though, I want to do something like "Eva Charat Theater" one of these days.)

I have autism, so I am basically on the spectrum.

You can find me in a lot of Socials through Linktree!