Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

"♫Super Mario-o RPG! It is the only one just for me!♫"

I think with this being on here, it is no secret that I am a fan of the Super Mario franchise. I've played the games (especially the Mario Party games, those are banger!) and while I am behind, I will site it as something I hold near and dear to my heart.

So, you would think with this being one here, I've played Super Mario RPG myself when I was a kid, right?

Ehhh.. about that.

I didn't get the chance to play the game until I know how to use an emulator... in 2012/2013.

But the hyper-fixation with it began around 2007.

What happened, really?

Well, one word: Newgrounds.

See, I was watching a lot of movies on Newgrounds way back in the day and a lot of them relate to Mario. Some good (Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Z.), some bad (a lot of those terrible "Mario is a bad brother to Luigi" movies.), it depends on the user who created their flash cartoon. One thing that caught my eye was "Super Mario RPG Bloopers". At the time, I didn't think much of it aside from it being mildly amusing.

Then came the next two Mario RPG related flashes. "Super Mario RPG Song" and "Rawest Forest", both have songs that are like remix covers of the BGM "Beware the Forest Mushrooms".

And that is what started it all.

I thought that watching some playthrough would help out me out understand the story and I fell in love with the story.

Geno and Mallow had became one of my favorite characters. Though I won't lie, I had crush on the former when I was young. (I tried to hide it with a crossover pairing but that is a can of worms for another therapy session. I was dumb kid, let's just say)

So basically, it was second hand nostalgia.

As I said, I have tried to play it around 2013 when I kinda learned how to use an emulator. However, I didn't continue it because it was also around the point I wanted to focus an original project of mine at the time.

Luckily I had a better grasp at the story now that I've seen my friend, Tyangerine playthrough it.

But yes, with how much I love the story, this was part of my hyper-interests. :D

One thing to note before I go, Super Mario RPG is one of the inspirations to one of my fanime/web series, Seven Guidances to Wishful Safety and I am grateful for that.