Seven Guidances Fanwork Guidelines

Hello there! If you are reading this, than you have been aware that I have been open for an idea people making fanworks/their own take on my 2019 fanime, Seven Guidances to Wishful Safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm basically taking a similar approach ZUN has for fanworks for Touhou Project.

Of course, there are a few things that is a more strict than ZUN's guidelines for all of these works, which

  • No NSFW. Period.
    • Look, I know folks may find these characters attractive one way or another and I get that. However, it might be best to make that stuff for the 18 and older folks who are more open about that stuff for their OCs than I am.
  • Do NOT use AI "Art" as your main visual point.
    • Like, I can understand taking an AI image and drawing a design inspired off of that (especially if it's stealing back from the AI Bros) when it comes to fan characters/characters for your own 7G but I would rather have the art be made by hand in comes to visuals.

Okay, now that we got that elephant out of the room so they can reunite with their family, let's begin with some general guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Your work can be in any format you desire. Including but not limited to:
    1. Animation
    2. Video Game
    3. Comic
    4. Literature
    5. Audio Drama
  2. With that in mind, it's best to make it clear that it is a fan-work.
    1. It's more for the Fan sequel/remake than if you were to make your own SGtWS with a new cast of characters.
  3. If your fan-work has Voice Acting, while it would be cool that you were to contact the some of the original VAs (Subiko's Original VA is the exception since she is legit voicing in actual anime now. So if you were to try to contacting the OG VAs, I suggest not to bother her.), it's not really required. In fact, it's also completely understandable that you would want to use different VAs for one reason or another.
    1. That said, what is semi-required is have your VAs try to emulate how the original sounded.
      1. I say "semi-", since I know this isn't really a hard requirement. (And parody works don't have to meet this requirement at all, truthfully.)
  4. You would have to have seen the original 2019 fanime and at least somewhat liked it
    1. This rule applies more towards people who wanted to make a fan sequel or reimagining the original SGtWS than those that want to make their own but I feel it's a little respectful that it applies both ways.
      1. TL;DR, the people who hate on a well-meaning project and yet take their time to re-write and redesign the characters scare me.
  5. Fan Characters for the fanstuff is allowed.

Now we got the general guidelines out of the way, now we can go to the more specifics

Fan Sequel

  1. Really, it has to take places some time after the OG series
  2. If you were to redesign the characters, I'd say it's best to at least make a reference of their OG designs first before making the redesigns so their would be less confusion

Fan Retelling/Reimagining

  1. It's probably a good idea to use the OG series as a base for your re-telling.
  2. You can redesign the characters and take some creative liberties but it is recommended not to go TOO ham.

Your Own SGtWS!!!

I think for this, there would be 3 mini sections

General Story Stuff

  • Make sure that the guidances is a factor for your story
    • That said, you are free to go into any genre that aligns more of your personal interest. (Like Mecha, as an example)

OCs with Visual Design Languages as the OGs

  • Unless the characters are meant to be straight-up parody bootlegs, it is best to make them different from the original characters

Using completely new OCs in general

  • You can do one of two things
    • Create entirely new characters from the ground up, not every using the OGs as a base for designs
    • Shoving characters from different origins into your own Seven Guidances.

Possible Questions

Why is Seven Guidances the work you are open for fanworks for?

Well, for one thing, I got inspired by looking at the Super Mario RPG fandom and how they have their own type of fanworks (From some re-interpretations that fits more align with their headcanon of Geno to straight up fan sequels) and I'd like to give those that like SGtWS the similar type of freedom.

And yes, the fact that I was inspired by SMRPG yet again is not lost on me

Why not any other work?

Well, aside from one reason, I think think Seven Guidances have a more set foundation than any other work I made, truth be told.

In terms of making a sequel, why not make your own?

Well, I tried planning for it back in 2022 but due to many factors that I will not get into (plus, I really sucked at taking critique at the time), that sequel is straight canceled until further notice. (For realsies with this one)

Aaaaaand why are you allowing fan remakes as well??

Well, truth be told, I'm also planning my own personal remake for Seven Guidances that will initially take a form of a web novel before making it an RPG. With that in mind, I know that not everyone will be satisfied with my writing decisions, which is why I'm open for fan remakes of the original fanime. I want folks to have the reins in case if I'm either taking to long or if they are just not satisfied with my web novel/RPG remake.

Can you also explain about the "Making your own SGtWS" thing???

Weeeeeellllll, so I know people really like their own OCs. Some people would want to star their OCs that are either made for their own SGtWS or OCs from different origins. I would like to allow the option to take design inspirations from the OG characters!

Why would self-proclaimed Bootleg count as a fanwork??????

Because Seven Wishstones for Guidance Safety is a thing, lmao. Next Question.

So, the choice medium is not limited to what is listed?

Basically! Hell, I'll even allow something like a Google Doc with the ideas you have on the table if you have plenty of other projects and/or one very big project under your belt.

Plus... has you seen Seven Guidances?? The method of visual story telling might be unorthodox to the average viewer so that is why, lol

If I were to make a fan character for a fan sequel/remake, am I allowed to have them date one of the OG characters?

If this was pre-2023, I would've been slightly against it (key word being slightly because I know some friends of mine really like certain characters.) but this is post-2023, I'd say go for it, lol. I'd recommend making that around the same age group as one of the characters tho. Large age-gaps is a no-go for me, bro.

If there is like, more than one fanwork, would you make a wiki/website for them?

Oh man, I would LOVE to, are you kidding? With that in mind, there is a number of factors why I want to be careful when it comes to wikis.

  1. FANDOM/Wikia, despite being the most used wikifarm, is pure unadulterated ass.
  2. Having a wiki on something like Miraheze might be a bit of a challenge when it comes to keeping it active
  3. ShoutWiki seems like an utter learning curve

And tho I can just simply get over one of the last two hurdles, I have massive beef with FANDOM/Wikia.

Now, if I were to not go with the idea of making a wiki out of the farms and just make a site on Neocities for fanworks and information about them, while it would be a more secure option, it's also the more difficult, due to the fact that making a layout from the ground up is a rather daunting task. (It's why I stuck with the layout I got from the HTML Layout Builder for this site for so bloody long.)

(if you have any questions I haven't thought about, you can ask via guestbook, unless I make a forum specifically for SGtWS)

Aaaaaaand with that... that is all!! Hope you have fun making your own fan project/your own SGtWS!!!!!!!!!