PV Hub Ressurection Dream

Sooo, I have an idea that I feel I'm kinda not in the position to make at the current moment of my life. (I.E., I'm still kinda a noob when it comes to coding. ^^;;;;;) but I had a desire for something like PV Hub and have it be utilized a little more.

This page was made because I did really explain myself all too well with one of the Gissy-Logs with the food for thought and it lead to a bit of a misunderstanding about it from some folks.. <<;; Plus, if I'm perfectly honest, I personally feel that it would be better to present what I sometimes go on about visually rather than through just words. Just a bit of a hot take

Also, this is not really accurate to the original PV Hub. ^^; If you want see what the original is like, you can check out the version of the homepage that the Internet Archive had saved! :D

There will be more of these in the future; my brain is fried and I had work on these for the majority of a week.