Homestar Runer

Homestar Runner

"Homestar! It's dot com!"

So, it's a no brainer that like with majority of those that grew up on the internet in the early to mid 2000s, I got into Homestar Runner

And like with the majority of those that got into it, they got into it through Strong Bad Email, as my sister showed them to me to what is up.

I can't really remember the very first email that my sister showed me but I know the earliest what of course, "techno" and "dragon", which were both very iconic email episodes!

Like yeah, my sister has shown to me sites like StickDeath and Newgrounds plenty of times before and while I have browsed through those sites on my own (for better or for worse), Homestar was basically the one that sorta just clicked with me, ya know?

I browse through and watched all the cartoons on that site in and outside of Strong Bad Email and the Holiday cartoons; I was obsessed.

And I recall sometime in 2009/2010 (deepest apologies, I can't remember when the crap this happened), I've started to make my Fan OCs for H*R. Of course, I started off a bit generic by making my own Strong Glad character, who was like the semi-annoying little sister to the Brothers Strong (Strong Mad, Strong Bad, and Strong Sad.). Then after that I made another female character who is like related to Homestar himself.

Then I made a gremlin that had a (probably) one-sided crush on Homsar

and then a stereotypical witch who is like the and is rival to the character related to Homestar

and then I made friend for Strong Glad who was hella cronfused about Homestar and Marzipan's on and off relationship

And oh yeah, the also made cousins for the (fanon) Family Strong, which might seem unneeded

Yeah, out of all the stuff I hyper-fixated on, Homestar Runner was the one I made the most fan OCs for.

Hell, with one OC trade I did with my friend, TenshiHanka, that just basically expanded. (It's my fault. I requested an OC from him)


With all that said, I still hold the series near and dear to my heart. Hell, I recently watched the latest Strong Bad Email that was released April Fools of 2022! It inspire some design quirks I have with my character designs (If you see someone like Subiko, you know that some quirks are some characters being super pale.).

Hell, for a brief period in 2013, I tried to animate like the Brothers Chaps. (the folks behind H*R) when I had Adobe Flash CS3. Maybe I can go back to that since I have the puppeting tool in HitFilm but we'll see.

But yeah, Homestar Runner was one of my earliest hyper-interests that I just fixated on for so long. ^^