Gissy 6/2/24 - This is the song that doesn't eeeeeeennnd!

It just goes on and on my friiiiieeeeend.

Hi. First off, Happy Pride Month! I know that this log is gonna be a bit more of me bitching about something unrelated to it (albeit not too serious, thankfully) but I do want to start off with something positive.

Now then, onto me bitching

So, you may or may not remember my previous Gissy-Logs about the federiefederi situation (which are currently in Archive 2 of this page). Remember when I said that there was some happy ending for those who like scrolling on that site via someone archiving the main page?

Yeah, so, the person who archive it (divsel) is no longer on Neocites-

And to double-check, I looked on Nekoweb to see if they are on there. And that is a definite "NOPE".

So what the fuck happened?

Now, I may not know the full scope of this situation than I do the F+F situation but apparently, I guess according to some folks, divsel seemed to pull a similar move that the F+F duo did.

Unlike with the F+F situation, I don't know how true that is so I'll take it with a grain of salt.

With that said, seems that some folks aren't happy with divsel in general. One terminally online person thought it be an oh-so good idea to make a site on Neocities called "ban-divsel".

I wish I was fucking kidding but this did happen.

I know this because one of the folks I follow commented on their page saying "Neocities isn't your personal army, dickhead" and that was on my feed because I forgot that when someone you follow comments on another person's profile, said comment goes on your feed.

Why? Because potatoes.

Anyways, back to the mess

I was unfortunately curious and ended up seeing on wtf is up with "ban-divsel" and while the majority of this folks (regardless how they feel about divsel himself) were clowning on this person (rightfully so), there is one thing I find somewhat concerning. Apparently, I see some people that were in support of banning divsel.

And why tf is that?

Well aside for what divsel allegedly did, some people were fed up with him liking the site updates posts on the social feed, regardless if he was following or not, feeling like it's annoying and brining social media tendencies.

.....Now, I might be reading the situation wrong and I hope to God that I'm wrong in this case. However, comma, if I actually am correct then let me say that the reason, than... let me putting like this

That is a dumb reason.

Like, I get feeling annoyed seeing a name you are seeing like your posts over and over again, especially if they don't even follow you. But if I may, getting angry over that is unnecessary! Again, I may be wrong and I hope that I am wrong on this!

Now, on the ban-divsel site itself, there were some over-dramatizations of the situation (Like saying shit like "Millions of people suffered with this monster") and there were some leaked discord messages. I haven't read those messages because I was low-key done with this situation.

Luckily, it seemed that the ban-divsel site is no longer on Neocities which *would've* been good news, if it weren't for the fact divsel himself is also not on Neocities anymore.

......God. Damn it.

Not gonna lie, I am sorta low-key annoyed with how this all ended because truth be told, the main reason why I took note of divsel at all was because he archived the F+F site sometime after the situation in regards to that site imploded.

And as a reminder: Fanime Realm was part of the F+F site so that's I am taking more of a note of it than I realistically should be

Now we have no such archive on Neocities anymore and it sucks. :/

I tried to see if looking back at the page on internet archive and getting the code would help salvage it but it's sadly was too much for me to salvage. If there is someone willing to look a the code and do some heavy, HEAVY adjustments, I'll leave it up to them.

But to be brutally honest, I don't think that will happen at this point. I think I should probably cut my losses and just make my own damn pseudo webring because this is ridiculous. And don't worry, I won't try to make it as big like F+F tried to do. Like, even if they had good intentions, half the folks did not like how it was executed.

(Still like it's a bit too much to ban them but eh, I know that is like Kyle's decision at the end of the day.)

But yeah, I'll probably make a Gissy-Log, spit balling ideas for a hypothetical psudo-webring, since as of me writing this, I do have some ideas that can possibly have Fanime Realm on there. For now, we'll end it off here since I just needed to blow of some steam

I'll focus on some OC stuff to vibe for now. Hope ya'll are having a good one and take care. ^^;;;;;

Gissy-Log 5/22/24 - Re-Organization Commenced!! With some Clean-up needed! (Also, other stuff)

Heya! It's been a couple of weeks, huh? Well, compared to the amount of time between two of the Gissy-Logs before this one, it feels like it was longer... but compared to the general Gissy-Logs, it's still a short amount of time. ^^;; Anyways, I do have some good news I want to bring up.

This site is now organized the way I wanted it to be! :D

Now I can look at the main site without some awkwardness and if I want to look at some of the articles that are moved from the main section of the site, I can just click on one specialized section and not have to worry about the other! And Tbh, it feels rather freeing to have it be organized like that! It did felt bittersweet for a bit at first, given that I had to delete the original versions of the pages that were moved from the main section to the specialized sections but really, it's for the best, especially for me specifically (Ya know... the webmaster running this joint, gRSDKNIGF:).

There are a couple of things to note

What inspired this choice of sections??

There is one inspiration and that is one of the more popular sites hosted on Neocites: AllyRat World!

Now, compared to what I am doing, this is at least a little more easy to understand because having a more portfolio side of the site and a more personal side is kinda more easy to understand than whatever the fuck I'm doing.

Like, it goes like this:

Portfolio Site: "Hello! Yes, this is the site where you can see my line of work as this site serves as my portfolio. I'd love to get more line of work in my respective fields in the future!"


And despite how fucking crackheaded I made the latter site sound, the average internet user would get the general idea if it's just the two.

With that in mind, I couldn't help myself 3 sections because here's an unfun fact: up until I discovered AllyRat World, I was straight up going to make a new site for each of the sections and I'm sure no one would've wanted that.

And to reiterate, Fanime Realm is different because there is a shit ton of fanime to make a page for.

Why the names O-Tat and Sanumashi??

Soooo, there is a bit of lore to that.

See, These are the names I came up with last year when I wanted to make YT Channels for animations I wouldn't want on Eva Charat Staff. Later, I was kinda told off about that, saying that is way to many channels to handle, which is a valid point. And while I made Moeblob Crapshoot for something 90% unrelated my decentralization plans (we'll get to that, I don't think I'll make those YT Channels I mentioned before. (Tho, that ain't stopping me from resorting to using WeVidi and Newgrounds for my decentralization plans as a compromise, lol.).

But I did like those names and they stuck around for.... basically a whole year, probably. 0u0;; So yeah, sort of sentimental reasons and plus, it's kinda fun to be in character of those two mascots, lol.

Wtf is a Sonternet

So, this is something that I have kinda thought about for a while. It's basically about a non-existent reality of internet users and their lives on the web (namely YT). Our main star (??????) is ya gurl, AMFMcChibi (I.E., an alternate reality version of myself if I stuck with internet reviewing, omfg).

It is under construction due to everything about that section of the site being very much a heavy work in progress.


Oh yeah, speaking of wips....

The dreaded "Coming Soon" pages

So I'll admit. I am what the cool kids would say, an inpatient bastard. While there are some finished pages (mainly those moved from the main section of the site), there site a good amount of pages that are needed and I don't want to spend several months trying to get everything together. So, that's why I made those bloody pages.

That and my typical 404'd pages won't fit the theme of those sections, in my opinion.

Moeblob Crapshoot; What the Fuck?

A'ight so, mostly unrelated to majority of this log, I wanted to make a fanime YT Channel separate from Eva Charat Staff. Why, you may ask? I have been feeling a bit of pressure (that I have kinda put upon myself, just to be clear.) when it comes to being able to complete a fanime. (I.E., I am able to do it more times than anyone else within the fanime community.) And while I am honored that folks look up to me through that, another part of me is like "….Oh shit....... I have a reputation to keep......... oh dear lord.". So that is why Moeblob Crapshoot is a thing to have a fanime YT home from the pressure. I will still upload to Eva Charat Staff as it is a channel for finished fanime tho (as well as wanting to get better with my animation skills, as slow as that is.).

And with that.... that is that!! Hope you have a good one and take care!!

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