Di Gi Charat

Di Gi Charat

"Welcome to, welcome to, Welcome to my house!"

Right so, this is the anime that I would not shut up about

How I even discovered it was a bit of a strange case of "how"

See, around the time I was getting into anime like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and Haruhi Suzumiya, I saw an AMV in the related videos. The AMV itself is not too note worthy, it just uses clips from said anime series, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach for whatever reason, another anime I can't remember, and a BL anime.

And it was using a song from Di Gi Charat. And it's not even an opening from the original series! It's from Di Gi Charat Nyo!

So, it was odd to hear high pitch anime girls singing. That said, I was kinda vibing with the song used so I look up what anime it's from, watched one of the series and now we are in this rabbit hole.

And I watched all that was there during 2009-2013. Wonderful Version (That's the canon name of the original version), with the original 16 episodes + The OVA Specials), Leave It To Piyoko, Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Winter Garden, and finally, the series that started it all, Di Gi Charat Nyo!

While I had my cool down periods, when I get fixated on Di Gi Charat, I get super hyper-fixated on it.

And while there are other inpsirations with the majority of my projects, Di Gi Charat is the one that inspired me the most. It's got to the point for when one of my friends read the bit of the Di Gi Charat manga and he felt like he is was reading something that I wrote, which is hilarious, LMAO.

I did wrote some fanfictions related to Di Gi Charat but they never really went anywhere since they weren't exactly planned out. One I remember at the top of my head was "Di Gi Charat Lost Episodes" and it was shit. It was basically a fanfic as an excuse to shoe-horned some of the characters from the Panyo Panyo continuity into the original continuity.

I think at that point, I was super salty about not being able to watch Di Gi Charat Nyo at the time of 2010.
Like, legit salty.

Plus, I was like what 14 or 15 years old at the time?

Yeah there was that.

At least in 2013, they got all the episodes of Nyo!, even if the ARR fansubs for episodes 73-104 are basically crap.

Now, one thing worth noting: Yes, I know that there is a new Di Gi Charat anime airing this coming October.

And I am hyped for that. It's probably one of the few seasonal animes I actually care to watch while it's airing nowadays. (Nothing against those keeping up with seasonal anime but I just can't keep up with all of them, man!!!)

But yeah, Di Gi Charat has been a hyper-interest that has inspired me the most.